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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Rising School charge tuition?

A:  No. As a public charter school, we don’t charge any tuition. We provide a private-school quality education, where tuition costs several thousands dollars per year, at no charge to our students and parents.

Q: Is there a test that students must pass to gain admission to The Rising School?

A:  No. The Rising School is an open-enrollment school, so any eligible student who has completed our admissions paperwork and submitted it to us by our deadline will be registered as a student.

Students will take diagnostic tests so that our teachers can properly assess our incoming students. But the baseline test is not used for admissions purposes, and no one can “fail” a baseline test and be kept out of The Rising School because of his/her performance on the test.

Q: Is my admission to The Rising School guaranteed if I’m an eligible student?

A:  Yes, unless the school has reached its full capacity of students. The Rising School is an open-enrollment school, so any eligible student who has completed our admissions paperwork and submitted it to us by our deadline will be registered as a student.

If we reach full capacity before May 31, 2014, we will conduct a lottery to determine which students are enrolled and which are on our waiting list.

Q: How can my child earn $100 for enrolling in TRS?

A:  Two of our strong beliefs are: 1) Students can’t learn unless they attend class; research supports this notion, with studies showing a high positive correlation between attendance and student learning; and 2) all humans need incentives. Consequently, we encourage student attendance by providing the following incentive: any student who has perfect attendance for the first 100 days of school will receive an incentive of $100. We call it our $100 for 100 incentive.

To earn this $100 incentive, a student must: 1) have perfect attendance every day of the first 100 days; 2) never be late or leave early (excepting TRS-sponsored and TRS-approved activities); and have a cumulative Civic Score of 2.5 or higher on the 100th day (a 3.0 Civic Score represents “meets standard of appropriate behavior and civic duty”).

Q: Does the school have a nondiscrimination policy?

A:  Yes, The Rising School (TRS) and Rising School, Inc., (RSI) are committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, color, religion/religious beliefs, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, creed, citizenship status, marital status, disability, home language, family, social or cultural background. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff members, students, the public, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom RSI and TRS do business.

Q: What are Arizona's admission laws for charter schools?

A:  To view the Arizona law regarding admissions requirements for charter school click here.

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Mission Statement:  The Rising School is a high-quality college-prep school that prepares Tucson-area students for success in school, college, and 21st century careers.

At the Rising School:

Students, parents, and teachers are treated with respect and enjoy being a part of a safe, caring community.

Classes are engaging and relevant; teachers are experts in curriculum and instruction; and standards and assessments are rigorous.

Students create quality projects; surpass state and national standards on assessments; and mature into alumni who are successful scholars and professionals engaged with their community and the world.