Back-To-School Prep

Summer is almost over and the upcoming school year is just around the corner. After a couple months of vacation, getting back into the groove of things can be a difficult transition. Getting a head start on back-to-school preparation is a good way to make this transition as smooth as possible and helps to mentally and physically prepare your student for a successful school year.

  1. Get back to your school day routine
    Starting the school day routine a few weeks in advance will make it much easier to handle on the first day of school. Summer bedtime schedules were surely nonexistent during the vacation months, but getting to bed early leads to a better night’s sleep, which is crucial for optimum brain function in the morning and throughout the day. Waking up at the appropriate time is also helpful in the transition. Getting up, getting dressed, and getting out of the house to do something productive is the most effective way to prepare the student for a full school day.
  2. Eat healthy meals
    Eating healthy is incredibly important, especially in the morning as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our brains and bodies need fuel for the day and a nutritious meal in the morning will help the student to stay alert and perform better in school.
  3. Get your school supplies ahead of time
    If it’s possible to get a list of required items prior to the first day, purchasing your school supplies ahead of time can help take some of the stress out of the back-to-school process This will also help the student to feel more organized and prepared for the first day.
  4. Plan/schedule after school activities
    After school hours can be chaotic. There is often a lot going on between sports, clubs, and other after school activities, along with homework assignments, dinner, and time with the family; all before getting to bed at a decent hour. Planning ahead by making an after school schedule and prioritizing activities can help to make the afternoon and evening flow smoothly.
  5. Take advantage of back-to-school clothing sales
    A cool new outfit is a great confidence-booster for the new school year! With retail stores gearing up for the fall semester, summer sales are rampant. Take advantage of the low prices while they last!

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