Characteristics of an Effective School

The first key to an effective school begins with quality leadership. Students are more likely to perform well under the guidance of a strong principal and school board that creates a respectful environment with a positive attitude throughout. Parents, teachers and students should be able to trust their leader and feel that he or she has the best interest of all of them, in every decision made on behalf of the school.

Students must have a clear understanding of what they are intended to learn and be able to do. It is important for teachers to place regular, innovative, and obtainable goals for the students and provide guidance and direction on how to achieve those goals.

An effective educational institution must have high expectations of their teachers and students alike. Effective teachers provide students with intellectual challenges and accept only the highest quality of work. Students will feel pressure to perform, however this positive pressure helps to encourage them to always do their best. Failure is not an option on part of the students or the instructors.

Schools should be filled with knowledgeable, dedicated teachers who are passionate about their craft. Effective teachers are those who are constantly learning themselves. There is always room to improve on teaching methods and techniques, as well as their knowledge of the course material.

A safe environment leads to an effective environment; conducive to purposeful teaching and learning. In order to provide this kind of environment, students must also have respect for one another and for their instructors. Failing to do so can be not tolerated.

Monitoring student progress through regular assessments helps teachers to identify problem areas by comparing student scores to schools nationwide. With this data, teachers can adjust their instruction to be more tailored to the student’s needs.

Finally, one of the most important characteristics of an effective school is one where the student wants to be there. Students are more likely to excel in an environment in which they feel welcomed, cared about, and supported in their efforts to succeed.


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