Everything You Need To Know About College Prep Schools

The process of selecting a school that will provide the best education for your child is an incredibly important, and often times stressful, task. You may have heard the term “college preparatory” come up several times along the way. To many, the term is fairly self-explanatory, an institution or program that prepares students for college. While this is an accurate assessment, there is much more to “college prep” than it may seem.

Yes, college preparatory schools and programs are designed to prepare your child for a higher level of education. However, did you know that these schools and programs are not limited to students of high school age? In fact, there are some schools in the country that begin college prep programs as early as elementary school! Part of the philosophy behind these types of schools and programs is that they promote the mindset that each child will attend college and focus specifically on getting each student on a path to success.

What is the difference between your average educational institution and a college preparatory school? The answer is that the average school provides the basic requirements in education and that’s not enough. In college prep programs, students take courses in which research-based methods are implemented in all lesson plans and are intended to help teach the students how to think. Homework assignments for these courses are specially designed to help the student become a more independent learner. While they can be quite rigorous and challenging, college preparatory classes prepare students for what they can expect to face in a college course, limiting surprises and giving them a better grip on how to succeed.

College preparatory schools focus specifically on developing skill sets, encouraging higher education and providing students with every resource they need to get into college, do well, and ultimately find a career they are passionate about. For example, here at The Rising School, fourth quarter seniors participate in a two-month internship introducing them to a number of potential career interests, demonstrating how adults pursue a career, and teach them important problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills necessary in the adult-world. These kinds of lessons, that are offered in college prep schools and programs, are invaluable in life.


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