Principal’s Welcome


by George Rising, TRS Founder and Principal.  

Welcome to The Rising School! We’re pleased that you’re interested in learning more about our school!

The Rising School (TRS) prepares students for success in college and 21st-century careers by delivering a challenging, high-quality education within a small, personal setting. Our school culture centers on developing our students’ academic ability and personal character in a warm, inclusive community.

TRS’s mission starts with an academic program that enlightens and challenges our students. We’re proud that our first graduating class (2018) achieved a 100% college-acceptance rate. Our rigorous curriculum is aligned to Arizona, AP, and SAT/ACT standards to prepare our students for success in college and 21 st -century careers. All of our high-school core classes are taught at the Honors level, with AP tests an option for each of these courses. We utilize cutting- edge technology and offer student laptops and such online learning programs as Study Island and ATI Galileo.

But we are a human-focused—not a computer-focused—school. We emphasize quality instruction by experienced, caring professionals. Our teachers average 15 years of experience, which differentiates us from schools that hire low-paid novices. We continually monitor classroom instruction for quality. As the Principal and Instructional Leader, I am responsible for training, coaching, and evaluating our teachers. In addition, students formally evaluate their teachers four times per year in anonymous online surveys. Based on our students’ evaluations and my observations and judgment, we retain only the best teachers and let the under-performing ones go. (Go the “Testimonials” section of this website to learn what our students think of our teachers.)

Our small size and close community allow students to receive personalized attention. We maintain small class sizes, averaging under 20 students per class. Every core-subject instructor teaches every single student in the school. Consequently, we know our students well; there are no anonymous students at TRS. A student who enjoys a relationship with a teacher that extends beyond the classroom is more likely to find the comfort and resolve to follow up with that teacher. Additionally, we have built in time during the school day for students to do their homework at school, where they can receive help from their teachers—we don’t expect parents to teach our academic subjects. We also identify struggling students and assign extra help for them from their teachers in our Intervention program.

TRS also focuses on helping to develop each student’s character. We engage students in conversations about appropriate behavior to help them make wise and ethical choices. We set a high bar for our behavior and hold all accountable for reaching it. We track student behavior data through Civic Scores based on effort, attitude, and helping others in the school and community. Every day each student earns a Civic Score in every classroom and during non-class times, seven scores each day. Students with high Civic Scores are honored each quarter.

TRS provides a welcoming atmosphere to parents and students. We believe that strong communication between school and home is critical. We embrace an ethic of customer service. We view parents, students, and community members as a valuable clientele. Administrators will have an open-door policy, with longer in-depth discussions sometimes requiring appointments for scheduling reasons. Our small size also enables us to be proactive when identifying and handling conflicts or bullying among students. Generally speaking, we have less “teen drama” than in other schools—although a community of adolescents always involves some drama!

Students also work on developing character—and having fun—in our elective and extracurricular program. Over the past few years, we’ve offered the following electives and extracurricular activities: Basketball, Flag football, Volleyball, Soccer, Chess, Media Arts, Yearbook, Drama, Music, Art, History in Film, Journalism, Robotics, Forensics, Science Fiction in Society, Minecraft club, Sci Fi/Zombie club, Student Council, Spanish, Entrepreneurs club, Cooking, and Comic-Book making. Our Student Council helps to organize and run our dances, assemblies, field days, spirit weeks, fundraising, community service, class contests, and other fun community events. All of our electives and extracurricular activities are free, which distinguishes from most every other school, which can charge $300 per year for extracurriculars.

I encourage you to explore our website and to contact us directly, either by phone (520-730-2657) or by email (

Best regards,

George G. Rising, PhD
The Rising School

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