by TRS’s Founder and Principal, Dr. George Rising.  

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Welcome to The Rising School! We’re excited that you’re interested in learning more about our school!

TRS’s primary goal is preparing our students for success in college and 21st-century careers by delivering a rigorous, world-class education in a small, personal setting.

Since 2011, I have collaborated with numerous educational experts and business advisors to develop a school with the ambitious goal of “Rising to achieve greatness.” Based on my personal experience as a principal at three outstanding schools in Tucson, I’ve concluded that the very best schools have a culture of high academic expectations, excellent instruction, and positive relationships among all stakeholders. And that’s the type of school that we intend to have at TRS.

TRS’s Governing Board and I are convinced that the key to excellent education is recruiting and supporting great teachers. Educational research shows that the individual teacher in the classroom is the chief in-school variable affecting student learning. I’ve personally seen their impact time and again as a principal who has observed countless classroom lessons over the years.

Our teachers and staff will work with each student to develop a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). The individualized PLP documents students’ strengths and gaps, describes their interests and ambitions, and helps them set school, personal, and career goals. We are also committed to incorporating character development in its mission. Whereas students’ grades will be based solely on academic results, students’ Civic Scores will be based on their effort, attitude, and helping others in the school and community.

Finally, TRS provides a welcoming atmosphere to parents and students. We embrace an ethic of customer service. We view parents, students, and community members as a valuable clientele. To ensure clear communication, we have staff members who are fluent in English and Spanish. Administrators will have an open-door policy, with longer in-depth discussions sometimes requiring appointments for scheduling reasons.

I encourage you to explore our website and to contact us directly, either by phone (520-730-2657) or by email (George.Rising@Risingschool.org).


George G. Rising, PhD


The Rising School