I love my [4th-5th grade]teacher so much. She is the best teacher for the 4 graders and me.

5th grader

[4th-5th grade teacher] is amazing. She has us work, and in return she gives us fun work.My teacher is fair about punishment and not too harsh about it.

5th grader

I think [4th-5th grade teacher] is the best teacher ever. She is very funny and gives us lots of rewards. She is the most best teacher I’ve ever had. My other teachers didn’t do a lot of activities like she does. I love [4th-5th grade teacher] so much. I rate her 10/10!

4th grader

[Math teacher] is my favorite math teacher I’ve ever had. She works with us and listens to us and helps us. She can understand us when were confused on something. She explains things well, and if we still don’t understand, she works with all of us as a group. And she has a really good personality.

8th grader

[Math teacher] is amazing! She’s the best teacher at this school. I learn so much from her. When I am confused with the math, whether it be in study-hall, class, or intervention, she helps me with my makeup work and helps me do it when I am not understanding it.

7th grader

[Science teacher] is the best teacher I have had in a long time. She is funny,smart,really into her science and her students. She is fair and will do anything to help us understand the subject, which is awesome.

8th grader

{Science teacher] is awesome. She is nice and caring. We learn new things everyday. She is also the best teacher I ever had!

6th grader

At all of the other schools, the math teachers would just give you work and send me off to do it. It was hard to learn. But when I got into [Math teacher’s] class, she really helped me learn more. She always makes sure that we know the concept. I don’t think I would want any other math teacher. She’s my favorite teacher.

8th grader

[Science teacher] is a blast, and I enjoy going to a class where the teacher is always energetic and happy!

9th grader

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