The Advantages of Smaller Class Sizes

At The Rising School, you will find that our class sizes are targeted at 25 students or less. There is research for and against smaller class sizes, however, here are a few of the reasons why we believe they are beneficial:

More one-on-one attention from teachers

It is extremely important for teachers and students to have the opportunity to get to know one another so that the students feel the teachers are approachable when they need help. With fewer students per class, the teachers have more individual time to spend with each student.

Teachers are more effective in giving lessons

With smaller class sizes, teachers are afforded the opportunity to get to know their students better, understand their needs and discover their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them to improve. Learning these things about their students allows instructors to teach the lessons more effectively and to give better feedback on work and participation.

Less disruption

With fewer students in a classroom, the rooms are significantly less noisy and make for less opportunities for disruption. When these disruptions do occur, however, they are easier for the teacher to control.

Students form better relationships

Students are often intimidated when they feel drowned in a sea of students. With smaller class sizes, they are able to connect with each other easier, form new friendships, and even studying relationships with their peers. 

More time for instruction

Taking attendance, passing out papers, grading, getting all of the students to participate in class, all takes much longer with more students and, therefore, takes away valuable time that could be spent teaching a lesson. With smaller class sizes leading to more time for instruction, the students are able to get through course material at a quicker pace, allowing for more learning opportunities. 

More participation from students

Students are more likely to participate in smaller class sizes first and foremost because, with less people, they have more of an opportunity to speak up. Secondly, class discussions are easier to have, with students able to express their opinions and share ideas. 

An unfortunate consequence of fewer students per classroom is that resources and funding become limited. Therefore, educational funding and charitable donations including school supplies are incredibly important. To make a charitable donation, please visit our website.


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