The Benefits of Electives and Extracurricular Activities

Middle school and high school are very important developmental periods in a child’s life, where they begin to discover who they are and what their interests are. Through electives and extracurriculars, or activities outside of the realm of the academic curriculum, children and teens are afforded an opportunity to discover new interests, make new friends, learn important life lessons such as time management and commitment, and so much more. Studies have shown a variety of fantastic benefits of electives and extracurricular activities:

Time Management

Getting your children involved in electives and extracurricular activities is a great way for them to learn about prioritizing their daily tasks, such as homework, and managing their free time as well.  

Discover New Interests

Allowing children to participate in the various electives or extracurricular activities, outside of their required academics, provides them with the opportunities to discover new interests. They may find that they are very good at a certain activity, begin to think about potential career paths, or maybe even develop a lifelong passion.  


For children and teens, self-confidence can sometimes be lacking. Finding success in an an elective course or after school activity often leads to an enjoyable experience that may give kids a boost of self-esteem that will help to further motivate them in life and even in their academics.  


An important life lesson that children can obtain from involvement in extracurricular activities is about making commitments. When children join a club or a sports team, they often have their peers depending on them and they are able to see how following through and not betraying a commitment is important. 

Enhanced Academic Learning

Some studies have shown that participation in afterschool activities may actually enhance academic learning! This positive use of free time can help students to learn such things as problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, and organization skills, all of which may help them to succeed in their academic courses.  

Social Development

Electives and extracurricular activities have a number of social development benefits for children and teens as well. These courses and activities teach them about teamwork, leadership skills, how to interact well with one another.  

Staying Focused

Extracurriculars help children to stay focused, engaged and away from negative influences as they provide a safe, enriching learning experience and encourage against dangerous and undesirable behavior. Studies have also suggested that children who actively participate in extracurricular activities are less likely to suffer from depression or have behavioral problems.  

Making New Friends

Electives and after school activities are a wonderful way for children and teens to get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends through a shared interest. They also provide the opportunity to develop solid, positive relationships with coaches, teachers, mentors, etc.

College Applications

Another benefit of involvement in extracurriculars is that it can be a major advantage on college applications. While good grades are an obvious requirement, many institutions will also look for kids with a variety of interests and skill sets that can be evident in their list of extracurriculars. These activities may even help in the consideration for scholarships.
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